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June 3, 2017

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A Message from the President of the Lutheran Church of South Sudan,
Rev. Jordan Long

Friends in Christ!

The LCSS’ Trinity Lutheran Seminary & College prepares to celebrate another exciting year of growth and academic success. Established in the Fall of 2014, the Lutheran Church of South Sudan’s Trinity Lutheran Seminary & Collage graduated and ordained its first cohort in June 2016.

July, 2016 Ordination

Fresh Water!!

At the beginning of 2016-2017 academic year, the seminary added on a collage in response to the growing and overwhelming academic needs of the refugees from South Sudan. As a result, the seminary changed its name to the Trinity Lutheran Seminary & College. The college offers four years Degree programs in Human Resource Management, Accounting and Logistics and a three years Diploma (equivalent to Associate Degree) in Nursing program.

With over 50 congregations in the refugee camps in Ethiopia and in Gambella region, the LCSS expanded to Kenya with Gospel and established five new congregations in the refugee camps and in Nairobi this year (2017). The congregations have no pastoral leadership but are led by lay evangelists. The Trinity Lutheran Seminary & College launched an online study to meet the growing pastoral demand in the troubling South Sudan and in its neighbor countries. The LCSS has enrolled three students in the online study from South Sudanese Refugees in Kenya to provide pastoral ministry in that country. These students are completing basic Lutheran focus studies and will be ordained in June 2017 to provide pastoral ministry in Kenya while completing their theological study.

Finished classroom

Classroom is ready!

South Sudanese Diaspora from North American have also joined the Lutheran Church the South Sudan. The LCSS has established North American Mission District to support its congregations in the US and possibly Canada and elected David Gatkal Wal as the Dean of the District on May 27, 2017. David Gatkal and Samuel Gach Lul are finishing theological study at the North American Branch of the Trinity Lutheran Seminary & College and will be ordained in August 2017. Samuel Gach Lul is the Assistance Dean of the LCSS’ North American Mission District.

July, 2016 Ordination

Come! Drink!!

The Lutheran Church of South Sudan gives praise and glory to God for a five rooms seminary building built this year. One can only imagine how hard it can be to build a building with no water on the site. That was the case for the LCSS. The church had to hire a donkey to shuttle five miles between the Baro River and the church compound in Gambella. The donkey had to carry eight yellow buckets per a trip that took one hour and half at time. The LCSS is grateful to the generous donors who made it possible to build the five rooms seminary building and to drill clean drinking water on the compound. Now, fresh water gushes out and saves lives.


The Lutheran Church of South Sudan and Trinity Lutheran Seminary & College will graduate the second cohort of 12 students and will ordain 6 of them on June 24 and 25, 2017. A mission team will travel from the US to join the LCSS celebrate another excellent milestone in the history of the young seminary. Pastors and other church leaders from the refugee camps will participate in the celebration. The visiting mission team will travel to Kenya for a three-day conference.

Following the graduation and the ordination, Summer Hebrew programs will begin with Rev. John F. Hobbins from the Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ. About 12 new and current students will participate in the study.

The LCSS appeals for $8,000 to cover expenses related to the graduation and ordination and to cover the travel and hotel accommodation expenses to the visiting Hebrew teacher.

You can give online at the Zion Lutheran Church website, Des Moines or mail your donation to:
Rev. John Kline
Zion Lutheran Church
4300 Beaver Ave.
Des Moines, IA 50310
Phone: 515-270-8142

Pr. Jordan has posted the graduation speeches that you may download in PDF format should you choose to do so. Click Here to download!

In Christ's Love,

Rev. Jordan M Long, President
Lutheran Church of South Sudan
LCSS North American Board of Trustees
Malakal, South Sudan

E-mail (

Phone: (585) 705-2805