News - July 23, 2018

African continent and South Sudan

Friends in Christ:

I safely returned to the US last Monday, July 23, 2018, and am finally recovering from jetlag now. I believe Pastor Eric Swensson is aware of such long flights since he just returned from a mission trip to Madagascar. Madagascar is only a few hours flight away from Ethiopia, although the Indian Ocean cuts it off the mainland Africa. His mission trip looked like a rewarding experience.

The Lutheran Church of South Sudan witnessed significantly grown in the last few years. With the new Gambella District of more than 50 congregations, the LCSS established Kenyan and North American Mission Districts. The Trinity Lutheran Seminary and College is a blessing ministry of the LCSS. The institution trained pastors under the tree for the first three years of its establishment but has significantly grown to become the first four-year seminary and the second largest college in the Gambella region with five campuses. The Gambella town honored this institution by naming section of the town to which the seminary operates Trinity. It's North American branch from Omaha, Nebraska, offers online classes to the LCSS in Kenya and will soon offer classes to the students in South Sudan, Sudan, and Uganda. The LCSS is grateful to Pastor Douglas Morton for his dedication and innovative ministry as the Dean of Theological Education.

This year, the LCSS graduated 59 students and ordained five pastors and sent them to the refugee camps to proclaim witness to the Gospel amidst of brokenness and despair.

The photographs are from this ordination. To see a larger version simply click on the photo and a larger version will appear.

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