LCSS Trinity Lutheran Seminary - Book Appeal

Rev. Doug Morton Friends in Christ:

The picture you see shows what I have UNDER my Conference Table in my office: Books. For over the past year I have been acquiring books for the Library at Trinity Lutheran Seminary in Gambella, Ethiopia. Trinity is the Seminary for the Lutheran Church of South Sudan, and I am the Dean of Theological Education for the school in Gambella, as well as for its North American site here in Nebraska. My garage houses Theological books for Trinity Lutheran Seminary Library.

photo books on the floorMy basement storage room is full of books for Trinity. Now, I have had to begin storing these books in unique places, like under my Conference Table in my office. However, these books that are under my table are not theological books, but Medical, Accounting & books on Management and Leadership. Why? Because we now also run Trinity Lutheran College in Gambela, Ethiopia in which we have over 100 students.

I am now also seeking to obtain books for the college library. I am even looking at renting a climate controlled storage facility until I can get the books to Gambella Ethiopia sometime in the next 6 months. However, I am still looking for more theological books, as well as other books across the educational spectrum. The ones under my Conference Table were purchased by me. However, I am looking for Pastors, African continent and South SudanNurses, Business People, Liberal Arts Teachers, and others who are willing to donate any books they might have that would work in both a College and/or Seminary Library in Gambella, Ethiopia.

If you have some that you would like to donate to the Trinity Lutheran College or Seminary Libraries, please contact me at the following email address: Rev. Doug Morton in Gambella Thank you, and God bless. We'd love your prayers for us also.

Rev. Douglas Morton, Dean of Theological Education, Trinity Lutheran Seminary, Gambella, Ethiopia & Omaha, Nebraska

P.S.: If you can and are willing to share this post, please do. I am seeking to get this information and plea out to as many people as possible. -- Thanks!